It's almost your wedding day!

Just one final questionnaire for you to fill out that will help me get every bit of info I need to make the day go as smoothly as possible at my end. If there is anything that doesn't apply to your day please just enter NA. If there is anything on this form that you're keeping secret from each other, and would like to message me about separately then please reach out at:

We have likely already discussed this in detail, but if not we absolutely can! From this I can roughly work out where I need to be and when, making sure I can work around your day the best way possible. This timeline can just be basic main event times for now and we will craft one together once I receive this back. Based on the amount of coverage you booked me for we will determine my start and end time as well.

e.g. You’re wearing your great grandmother’s necklace, you have a letter your fiancé wrote you when you first started dating, you’re wearing your mom’s wedding dress, etc.

Deaths in the family, sensitive talking points, divorces, people not on speaking terms, etc.

Exchanging gifts, choreographed dance at reception, surprise appearances/guests, etc.

Designer or place of hire