So you'd like to know a little bit more about me! Well, I'm Chelsea, a 5ft 8 (and a bit) ginger lady with love for all things creative. I'm big on music, films, chocolate buttons, and you'll often find me attending a gig or munching my way through a new series! I was lucky to have a military upbringing living in places such as Germany and Cyprus, then to boarding school in Keswick for a few years and finally Carlisle for university where I studied graphic design. Being constantly hoofed about and surrounded by new people has made me pretty easy going and happy to chat away to anyone! I like exploring and often take my camera with me on my travels (always practicing) you'll find a little bit more about my photography over on my blog.

Wedding photography happened kind of by accident. I'm originally a graphic designer, and I did some occasional commercial photography on the side. As the owner of a "decent camera," it was only a matter of time before I got roped into shooting a wedding as a favour to a friend. If I'm honest, I wasn't sure it was for me, so put it to one side as something I had "tried."  

The turning point came a few years later, while I was working in a design studio. A wedding photographer came by one afternoon to check on some work we were undertaking, and while in the office, she casually said she was looking for some assistance, asking if we knew anyone. Everybody quickly piped up to say that I was pretty handy with a camera, and the next thing I knew, I had reluctantly agreed to lend a hand. I was still slightly unsure if it would be my cup of tea, so I didn't expect too much from it other than a little bit of extra cash. After I learned how to capture a wedding as more of a story than just beautiful individual images, I became hooked, and it really kind of snowballed from there!

I undertook a year of assisting, and it was the best thing I ever did! That time helped me grow in confidence to learn to shoot weddings in a way that felt natural to me. Since then, I've gone from strength to strength, even winning some awards for my work. You can find more about how I work and my approach to capturing weddings on my portfolio page or if you'd like to contact me to secure you date head over to my contact page.


We're at the bar what am I buying you to drink?

A glass of rose or prosecco is a safe bet!

What's your Favorite Film?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Childhood film is quite possibly the Land Before time, the Brave Little Toaster or Fivel Goes West.

Is that your natural Haircolour?

Yep, ginger through and through! I'm also the kind of white that will blind you on a beach.

Dogs or Cats?

I'd say I was a dog person first and formost but I will fuss any pet.

What is your favorite breakfast item?

A difficult one, I loooooove a full breakfast but I HATE eggs. I know, it's weird - sue me! If we are talking most fave though I want to say musuli is my most consumed.

Sleeping position?

Starfish - you do not want to be stuck sleeping next to me.