Beautiful family estate wedding photography

Brackenbrugh Estate in Calthwaite, Penrith, is the magnificent home of Imi and her wonderful family, who I can't thank enough for hosting me so graciously (special thanks to Imogen's mum, who organised the whole event!) It was incredible to see one of these estate's used as a family home still, and quite something to visit a country home that hasn't been converted into a wedding venue! I had to keep reminding myself it wasn't! Imi wore a family heirloom necklace that was a fantastic centrepiece of her outfit. 

There was a Jam-packed ceremony in a tiny little church in Plumpton. The church entrance was adorned with the most enormous flower arch I've ever seen! It was amazing. Unfortunately, I was confined to the back of the church during the ceremony at the vicar's request, something that can happen quite often, so be mindful of asking the rules around this if you're hosting your ceremony at a church. 

After their Wedding Ceremony, we returned to the family home to one of Bakerwood gorgeous clear roofed marquees. These are always so wonderful for providing light and making sure everything can be captured beautifully. Champagne flowed as everyone enjoyed their canapes. Shortly after a downpour, the sun came out to play for portraits and drinks on the lawn. This was followed by dinner and dancing to live music with about 140 people. It was easily the biggest party I've been to for quite some time, and I loved every moment of it!


Venue: Brackenburgh Estate

Dress: Le Spose di Gio, London

Grooms-wear: Rental tux - A.FARLEY of Kibworth

Flowers: Flower and Press (Izzi Hudson)

Hair & Make Up: Hair Bobby at Dada, Carlisle Makeup Kelly Fawcett at The Powder

Catering: Karen Rhodes

Cake: Yvonne Marples