Best of 2022 Documentary Wedding Photography

I honestly don't even know where to start with this year. It's been a whirlwind that has constantly had me asking - wtf did that just happen?  For me, it's been one of the busiest years ever. Okay, I know I said that last year! But this year, it was more weddings, PLUS two of them were destination ones (Italy and Greece, one right after the other). And I also had my first-time public speaking in front of nearly 150 wedding photographers at the annual Nine Dots Gathering in London. I got to pour my heart out about my love for wedding photography after weeks of struggling to write the damn thing. (I'm not the best with words) It was so tough, and the Nine Dots community embraced me so fully. Much love to them for inviting me to talk!  Below is a snap of my smug mug trying to remember my line.

Speaking at Nine Dots - Image by Emmie Scott Photography Curtsey of Nine Dots

I was also named one of the top 10 documentary wedding photographers globally and the top 10 in the UK by This is Reportage. This is one of my favourite awards to win, TIR is such a high standard of documentary photography (which is a style I am very passionate about), and to share the list with so many other outstanding photographers (and good friends) is fantastic. Entering these truly helps me push my wedding photography work and produce unique images for all my couples. 

FINALLY, THE BIG ONE - The award thats cloaked in secrecy, the one I still can't believe I get to say out loud! I made New York's Rangefinder Magazine's annual list of 30 Rising Stars for 2022. If there were an Oscar for wedding photography, that would be it, it's one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, and it's the cherry on top of 2022 for me. I still need to write a fully fleshed-out blog about the images I chose and the award itself, but that can wait a little longer. 

This is definitely all starting to sound a little Me, Me, Me. But I guess that's kind of the nature of being so personally entwined with your business! I know though that I wouldn't even have a blog post to write without my amazing couples. So, on that note, I'd love to extend a HUGE thank you to all the people who make my business possible by simply being in love and getting me to capture the joy of your wedding! Every single one of you, past and future. Thank you for all the support, laughter, cheerleading, and trust! Not to mention the hot wedding dinners and the drinks. Thank you for it all. 


Below are a few of my favourite moments from 2022. As with every year, at every wedding, I've grown, learnt and become even more passionate about what I do. I can't wait to take the lessons I've learnt forward into my weddings for 2023!