Dusting off my Fujifilm XE4 for an afternoon of street photography in the sun

I usually only bring my Fujifilm Camera out for travel photography. It's the perfect little companion to take on holidays as it takes up such a small space in my bag. However, when I'm not on holiday, it tends to sit in a drawer, unused and unloved, while my Sony's take center stage at weddings!

You see, I've always been fascinated with reflections and textured images, especially ones that invite you to spend time exploring them. It's something I find myself drawn to time and time again, particularly at weddings. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, I love to seek out those quiet, almost abstract moments that add a touch of visual interest to the wedding gallery. And there's just something about the tactile nature of those images that I can't resist. Recently, after posting such an image from a wedding, another photographer suggested that I would enjoy the work of Harry Guyrate, more specifically, his book "Between Worlds". They could not have been more right! How had I never seen this book before? It was perfect for me! Learning about Harry's work and approach verbalised some of my subconscious thoughts and clarified some of WHY I was drawn to images like this. It was a lightbulb moment of sorts! To make photos dedicated to colours and abstract reflections purposefully devoid of a moment but no less meaningful for it! I felt that intentionally focusing on this rather than the people for street photography would feel creatively rewarding. So, the first sign of a busy summer's day, I was out trying to scratch this itch! Searching for the abstract every day and thinking that everything in between would be a bonus. 

Here's what I saw - Enjoy!