Champagne fuelled marquee wedding in a home garden

Shonagh and Andrew, you beautiful pair! Honestly, what a wedding day. How lucky to be able to have a wedding at home in such a beautiful garden surrounded by your very closest friends and family! If you've ever thought about having a wedding at home/ in your garden (if you've got the space), then I would say this is a pretty good place to start for inspiration. Their wedding was held over not one but two (YES TWO!) days due to having a limit of 30 people per day thanks to Government restrictions, but they certainly made the most of them. With fantastic catering, free-flowing drinks, dancing (finally!), and finally ending the entire day with a bang by holding a fabulous firework display! 

Getting married at historic Holm Cultram Abby

Holm Cultram Abbey was a Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary, and the largest monastic house in Cumberland. It was founded by the monks of Melrose in 1150. Attacks by the Scots led to extensive rebuilding in the 14th and 15th centuries. It was at its most prosperous in the 12th and 13th centuries, famous for its salt production and export of wool. It was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1538 and there is a record of stone from the Abbey being sold in 1561. The place then became derelict, except for the nave which continued to serve as a parish church. It's in this historic setting that Shonagh and andrew tied the knot!

'Friendly' suppliers

Shonagh had the most amazing handmade wedding dress by the wonderful Mette Baillie at Freja Designer Dressmaker. Shonagh had a real vision for what she wanted. The craftsmanship of the dress was incredible, and during the wedding day, the dress moved so beautifully! They also had their close friends do the catering and the flowers. Rory (Ror's Kitchen) and Adelaide (Adelaide's secret garden) Husband and wife team were on hand all day to ensure that the catering and blooms were the best they could be! Nothing like the pressure of being a guest and a supplier. The brilliant Bakerwood Marquees supplied the Marquee for the garden, and last, but not least, MUM provided the cake.

A second wedding day

To share their wedding with friends who couldn't be a part of the first day, they had a second reception the following day, with further catering provided by Rory and his team. There was an abundance of oysters and truffles as well as plenty of bloody Mary's to ease day one hangovers and Aperol spritzes to keep spirits high!