Purchased for a mere £25, this vintage gem proved worth the gamble! The uncertainty of its functionality added a unique layer to the experience of shooting with the Pentax. Unsure if that first roll of film would yield a crop of magic images, the camera has proved a blocky little delight. 

Pentax PC35AF-M Film Camera

A brief overview of features:

Autofocus :

One of the defining features of the Pentax PC35AF-M is its autofocus capability, a cutting-edge technology at the time of its release. The camera uses infrared sensors to measure the distance to the subject, providing users with a convenient and efficient way to achieve sharp focus without the manual adjustments required by many other film cameras from that era. 

Lens Quality:

Equipped with a 35mm f/2.8 lens, the Pentax PC35AF-Mcaptures images with remarkable clarity and sharpness. The lens's wide aperture allows for versatility in various lighting conditions, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor photography. The camera's fixed focal length encourages photographers to get creative with composition and framing.



Simplicity is key with the Pentax PC35AF-M. The camera's user-friendly design ensures that even beginners can easily navigate its functions. With a minimalistic control layout and intuitive operation, capturing moments becomes a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

The Pentax PC35AF-M is a reliable and affordable choice. I have fallen in love with this blocky little black and red gem! The noisy autofocus is my only gripe, but it adds a little to the overall charm. There's excellent sensory feedback in the snapping open of the lens and the pop-up built-in flash. These quirks add to its overall charm, and I found it fun to use with pretty high-quality results for its age and plastic feel! This shot in the dark (pun intended) proves that sometimes, the joy is not just in capturing moments but in embracing the uncertainty that comes with the territory.

Shot on a mix of film stock, including - Cinestill 400/800, Kodak Ultramax, Ilford XP2 and HP5.

Lake district sheep being herded shot on the Pentax PC35AF-M film camera with Ilford HP5 black and white film

Film photography at weddings

Currently, this is a personal project/something I'm doing for fun. I'm not charging or adding on film packages to my weddings as I can't make the guarantees. However, if it's something you'd like me to experiment with a little at your wedding just let me know and I'll try and fill a roll where possible.