How have I never done this before!? Well except for the one time in school they made us climb Skiddaw ... actually that might be what put me off originally. Honestly I've lived in the lakes for years and i'm a bit ashamed to this is my first fell walk. I was in good company too with talented Illustrator friend Yvette Earl it was her 30th and this is how she wanted to celebrate - who was I to say no!

We decided to do a small one just 'Catbells' which is just outside of Keswick. once we reached the top we were hungry for a bit more and went further up to Maiden Moor in search of a little snow, then we celebrated with some prosecco at the top. Such a nice time of year to be out on a good day as there is still a little bit of autumnal colour kicking about.

I'm already dying to go again! All images shot on my Sony AR7III, with a Sony 35mm f1.4 Lens/ Samyang 24mm f2.8 (Which I dropped as I think you can clearly see ha! Little extra character to those ones)

Enjoy x

Caldbeck en-route with the sun rising
Still some beautiful autumnal colours around
Small scramble, can you see Yvette?
This ones ended up a little filthy to
Time to crack open the prosecco for a little celebration!