I was so excited to travel to Lisbon, it'd been so long since i'd been anywhere warm and I was really looking forward to testing out my new camera gear with a bit of street photography. It's such a cliché but honestly the more you practice something the better you get. Photography for me doesn't only happen when i'm at weddings, it's a full on obsession - just ask my boyfriend who patiently waits while i'm doing my thing. I even got called finickity about it when I fussed over my editing - something I see as a good thing, and I know he secretly loves. Personal photography gives me a chance to get experimental with my edits too, i've leaned on the grainy side for this set, more so than I think it suitable for a wedding.

We booked a really nice air bnb, which felt kind of wasted to be honest because we were barely in it! Lisbon is a place for exploring. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, and if you're a visual person you will almost defiantly feel overstimulated. The main thing is TILES - TILES FOR DAYS!

Day 1

Louis had been before and was extremely set on us getting up early for me to experience my first Denata (Portugese Custard Tart) as fresh as possible. "There's nothing like it when it's fresh baked Chels... I want to see your face when you have your first one ever - so it's got to be the best". So we got up bright and early and headed over to Manteigaria - one of the top rated tart handlers (hehehe) in the city.

Fresh tarts being prepared

Just out the of oven batch from Manteigaria

The first of a holiday problem that spiralled out of control

After that we spent time getting wired off coffee all around the city while checking out the local sights, while taking plenty of photos. I loved the bright floors that bounce the light back up everywhere, and on the whitest surface the people really stand out like tiny chess pieces.


Second day consisted of an early lunch at the Time Out market place before walking along to the big Lisbon bridge for the "Bridge Experience" and pottering around the main artsy area/ market. After the bridge we stopped at a rooftop bar to enjoy the main view and it was about then as I uploaded my photos to my phone (yay for Lightroom mobile) did I realise my cameras sensor had been having a good time too. You can see the big clumps dust it had collected on the evening shot over the bridge.

"Go stand over their - the light is lovely! Okay now take one of me too" - my most said phrase aside from "Can we get another tart" I think the lighting below was lovely though.

After our trip we went for one of my fave meals of the entire trip. It was salty yummy amazingness, pork knuckle starter, duck risotto with parmesan crisp, next level beef and of course a deconstructed Denata for dessert. If you're over their I highly recommend going to Pão à Mesa - Com Certeza.

Pork Knuckle

Duck Risotto

Beef Blade Burger

Deconstructed Denata & Muscat wine


For our last day we only had a trip to the castle planned and the rest was chill, the view from the top of the city was completely beautiful and the walk up there took a big part of the day. We also took a walk down to the coast to enjoy the sunset, a nice way to say goodbye to Lisbon.

Enjoy the last few pics!

Chelsea x