I've definitely fallen in love with the Netherlands, but who can blame me! It started last year when I took a totally unplanned week in Rotterdam, I was so smitten with it that after I came back I had started to very seriously considering relocating... "I mean It's not all that far from the UK right ?!...I can just travel back for all my weddings, surely!" I though to myself through a never ending sugar high. Needless to say it's not ended up happening, but this second visit was to scope it out and find more about the areas I was considering the to move too. Plus a token trip to Amsterdam with a gig thrown in for good measure.

I think one of the things that struck me about it all much just the wonderful and well thought out architecture. I mean - this place has so many finishing touches that are done simply 'just because' it looks nice, JUST BECAUSE! The graphic designer in me was overjoyed with all the visual stimulation as well as how neat, forward thinking and tidy it was. I loved exploring with my camera and there was always something interesting to see.

Eating out is pricy but I think they're a quality over quantity kinda place, I don't think I had a bad meal tbf. The Market Hal In the centre is a must visit, the placer really is is site to behold with its artistic ceiling and highly unusual shape. Then right next to it are the Cube houses and the Library with are both really cute! After a potter around and many coffee's and stroopwaffles there was also a short layover in Amsterdam to see the fantastic Angel Olsen perform at Paradiso - The most gorgeous little music venue!

ANYWAY enough of me droning on about how much I loved it - here's a collection of images from the two travels.

Cameras used are my Fuji X70, Sony a7iii & Huawei p30 pro