Yoga Studio owners tie the knot at Lady Gilfords in Carlisle

Emma and Martin are such a perfectly suited pair, and their love and good humor shone through at their wedding! I mean, it's not that I enjoy seeing people cry... but when your job is to capture emotions, then it's definitely up there with the top things that make me happy. They've had a whirlwind year, with Emma and family saying farewell to her twin sister after her battle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome came to a close. They were also opening their yoga studio at around the same time. Then they found themselves having to navigate their new studio during a pandemic outbreak. 

After all this hardship, it was so lovely to see them enjoy this day of happiness together! Emma then messaged me a few days later with some really exciting news! She'd discovered that she'd been pregnant at her wedding. They're over the moon that their photos contain this little hidden detail, and I'm excited for them to start their next chapter as husband and wife. I caught up with her below about her thoughts on their wedding day:

Everyone loves a good back story! Tell me how you met and how you got engaged…

We first met when I attended Martin's yoga class almost 9 years ago now. To think we now own the yoga studio together is crazy. But martin became my best friend, and naturally, we fell in love. He had planned a Christmas engagement, but after I jokingly said "how cringey getting engaged on Christmas" he freaked out and done it on a Monday night at 10pm at home. And to be honest, it was perfect.

What made you chose your venue?

We wanted something intimate and when we decided we wanted a tiny wedding, it made sense to do it in Carlisle at the registry office.

What was the worst and best part about planning your wedding day?

Honestly, the worst part was picking my wedding dress in the middle of a pandemic when no shops where open! Ordering so many online was chaos. The best part was choosing the rings and music.

How did you ensure your wedding day was personal/authentic to you?

It was a secret, so I think that was what made us personal, no one knew apart from our parents.

Let's talk about music! What did you walk down the aisle to/ what did you have your first dance to? and Why?

Somewhere over the rainbow, it was the song my sister had taken out of her funeral plan, and it clicked in my head it was meant for us, for a happy day. And it was it felt like she was with me when I walked down the aisle and on our first dance.

Before the day were you nervous about having your wedding photos taken?

I was very nervous as I was feeling too bloated and self-conscious! Little did I know our miracle baby was inside my belly, and looking back at the photos knowing I was pregnant on them is the most magical gift I could have asked for. Eternally grateful for Chelsea capturing them.

What made you choose me as your wedding photographer?

Literally the best at what you do, the photos are always taken at brilliant angles. They're carefully and creatively taken, and just amazing.

If you had to pick one or two stand out moments from your wedding that made your wedding special, what would they be and why?

Finding out I was pregnant, and that moment of walking down the aisle and seeing my husband to be, I've never in my life felt like that before it was magical.

Dress: Asos

Hair / Make Up: Beth at Sculpture House / Myself

Flowers: Vandella Flowers