I won't lie, I was bricking this! I was feeling super rusty after having a little time off. It was more of forced time off, because of, well, you guessed it the big C word - "Covid 19". Also, the weather was forecast to be AWFUL, but it did come up as a perfect moody lakes day in the end.

Tristrum and Kerry, or Kelly as I kept calling her because my mildly dyslexic mind wouldn't stop changing her name all day (Sorry Kerry!) As I was saying, Tristum and Kerry held on right to the end as one of my few couples that hadn't pushed their wedding back into 2021. Like many couples, they had already planned their day down to a T. Ultimately, on the week of the wedding, they decided to postpone and await government news on when they would be able to marry, even if it were just the pair of them! About two weeks later it turned out we were back on, Tris works fast, very fast! And on the following Friday night I got a phone call asking if I was able to show up on Tuesday, he had it all sorted, and I was the last thing to check before he could OK and surprise the bride to be.

So we had gone from a big 100+ wedding and Ceilidh reception in Carlisle's Tithe Barn, down to an intimate under 30 Church wedding in Keswick and other locations on private land with help from family and friends. Instead of girls prep, I did the guys as they were setting up the reception gazebo and generally getting ready all outdoors from their cars! We then headed over by boat to St John's Church, then back to the gazebo for a chippy takeaway and a BYOB situation. So YES there were face-masks, hand sanitiser, and gloves but there was also a lot of love and a lot of time to enjoy it! The day felt almost like a small elopement. I asked the couple a few questions below that help to share their thoughts regarding the unusual situation.

When you realised you’d have to cancel your initial wedding what were your first thoughts/ initial reactions?

We felt frustrated because it wasn't in our control. And the government didn't address what this meant for for wedding couples.

What was the most difficult thing to re-arrange / that changed because of Covid?

The council registry office.

What actually ended up changing for the better?

We ended up having a more meaningful church wedding.

What was your overall experience of the day in the end, and what advice would you give to anyone worried about getting married under restrictions?

It was still the best day ever! Not Covid related but the best advice is to remember to take a step back and take it all in, because it goes so fast.

If you were to describe how I work to a couple looking for a photographer, what would you say to them?

I think it's important to hire a professional as it's reassuring knowing you have someone to capture your special day. I would say Chelsea is great to work with, as she is both enthusiastic and encouraging!

I think for me most importantly it was just so lovely to see people come together after being isolated from each other for so long. Hope you enjoy looking at their story as much as I enjoyed capturing it.

Chelsea x

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